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Designs For Fun

Designing and digitally creating things has been fun for me to express my creativity outside of classroom assignments. This is a compilation of images that I have made over the years as I learned about design, as well as using different programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D (which is a 3-D creation software). 

This is a poster I made using shapes and effects in Adobe Illustrator!
This is a poster using the words "work hard" with the idea that you have to work hard to read the poster. 
This is illustration using the letters "PR" to represent Puerto Rico with a sun and waves to represent the beaches and beautiful weather in the country.
This is illustration using the phrase "make it happen" showing that if you put your mind to anything you can make it a reality.
This an illustration of a planet with 3 rings intended for an Instagram post.
This is a logo for a landscaping company. The idea was to have something simple and clean that could also go on staff shirts.
This is an illustration of a beach with the ocean creeping into the frame. Made in Adobe Illustrator using gallery effects to add texture.
This is an illustration of the phrase "Prove them wrong". Made in Adobe Illustrator. The idea was to use a common phrase and play with the typography. 
This is an image of an abstract shape and one of the first images that I created using Cinema 4D.
This is an image of a hand (sourced from Turbo Squid) touching a hollow pyramid using Cinema 4D and different settings for the shape parameters. Also using some digital photography tricks to get a shallow depth of field.
This is a GIF of a loading wheel with bright colors made with Cinema 4D. Using different lighting effects and multiple light sources.
This is a data visualization slideshow highlighting the amount of gyms compared to fast food restaurants. The idea is to have a visual representation of how many gyms and fast food restaurants there are compared to the size of Pennsylvania. Also to provide a graph that accurately shows the comparison with the numbers found during my research.
Letter mark Final.jpg
This is a letter mark that shows simplicity and elegance, using my initials.
Cousin Final.png
Cousin Final.png
This is a magazine ad for the company Black Diamond. That shows what their company provides in an interesting way. 
This is another magazine ad for the company Black Diamond that shows the feeling that the company can provide to the people that use their gear.
This is a poster that highlights the issue of child hunger and food deserts across America. Also, this poster advocates for the end of child hunger in America with a call to action at the bottom.
mock up heinz final.jpg
These are three posters highlighting the 150th anniversary of Heinz ketchup using foods people put ketchup on. These posters are meant to be hung up next to each other to show the full image of everyone's favorite ketchup with their favorite foods.
This is a mockup of a rock climbing guidebook for a climbing area in Philadelphia. 
This is a logo for a music festival where all 5 senses are used to experience and enhance the listening experience.
This is a poster for a travel experience in Ecuador where you can visit and explore the oldest town in the country that has been preserved for the last 400 years!
This is a mock up of the same poster above.
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