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Native- All the...

The "All the... None of the" campaign highlights that you can live and do whatever you want without worrying if you smell bad. All of that and no harmful chemicals seem too good to be true! 

Initial Ideas and Pivot Points

These three pictures are my initial thoughts on what I wanted this campaign to be.

For this campign I originally wanted to come out of my style and do something that I never fully done before.

I wanted to change almost everything about my process and how I make campaigns. I wanted to make an animation in an art style that I am not comfortable with and I came up with an idea that I knew I could not fully execute with the materials and resources that I had.

With my ideas for this campaign changing constantly the end seemed hopeless and I was going to scrap the whole campaign. After sitting on it for a while, however, I thought to strip everything back and focus on my style and what I know I can capture the best. Doing that led me to the campaign below which I am very proud of. 

Social Media

(Instagram/Picture sharing platforms)

With the growth of social media, it makes sense that every company has a social media presence. I believe this campaign can lead to years of social media posts with the same concept: have a picture of an activity and have some form of the tagline "All the..., None of the...".

TikTok/Youtube Ads

Along the same vein as the photo-sharing social media platforms, I think companies should have a video sharing social media presence as well, the most common today being TikTok and YouTube. Optimizing ads for these platforms could be beneficial. 

I think having these ads shorter is a good idea because TikTok is a short-form video platform; short videos do better. People are also most likely going to watch the video more than once which can help with engagement. I think this would also be good for YouTube because it is not skippable, and people are more likely to pay attention and remember the ad because they do not have enough time to think about anything else before the ad is finished.

OOH (Out Of Home)

Of course, traditional forms of media are still important. I think a billboard is a good way to advertise a brand because one ad can receive a lot of eyes, therefore expanding to audiences that may not have known about the brand. I also like the idea of having a deodorant brand for a bus shelter ad because public transportation has people get close to one another; this ad can remind people to put on deodorant so they aren't "that guy" on the bus. 

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