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Patagonia - Look Familiar?

The "Look Familiar" campaign is inspired by Patagonia's own "Don't Buy This Jacket" campaign. I wanted this campaign to have a similar effect that the original had. The idea is to get the viewer to think about their waste habits as well as their purchasing habits. This campaign also encompasses the idea that Patagonia uses recycled materials for some of its clothing. Combining both of these ideas, this campaign reaffirms the fact that Patagonia practices sustainable manufacturing of its products, as well as getting the consumers to think about how they affect the planet.

Initial Thoughts/Idea

This campaign is special because I love Patagonia and its business model. After looking at the page for about 20 minutes and doing some light research I came up with this idea. I let the different elements of this campaign flow as I was thinking and I think it turned out great.


This will be the first of all the ads to come out. The idea would be to cater to people already thinking about their habits. This ad would go in outdoor magazines such as "Outside" and "Travel and Leisure". These types of magazines market to people that think about the environment and want to take care of it. Putting this ad out first makes sure that these people have a reminder of their beliefs and encourage their friends to do the same.

OOH (Out Of Home)

Next comes the out-of-home (OOH) portion of the campaign. This part of the campaign gets everyone that is outside, either walking past or driving, to see and know this campaign. This will also get people to look around and maybe pick up litter and be more aware of their surroundings.


As the print and OOH ads are released, this piece of guerilla advertising would be put up in different cities all across the US. This piece is a pair of pants where half of the pants is made of things that can be recycled (such as paper, bottles, and cups). On the floor next to these hanging pants is the headline of the campaign and a short blurb about Patagonia's mission. This is to add some shock value and to get eyes on this campaign, not only across the US but across the globe thanks to the use of social media. This will also lead to the social media post on Patagonia's page that will explain everything.

Social Media

To round out this campaign, there will be a social media post that will link to a landing page on Patagonia's website explaining everything this campaign is doing and how it ties into its mission.

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