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Ad work

Advertising is an industry that I never thought I would find myself in. Though over time, I started to enjoy learning about advertising and creating ads. Here are some ads that I have created during my journey of learning about the advertising industry and art direction.

Letter mark Final.jpg
This is a letter mark that shows simplicity and elegance.
Cousin Final.png
Cousin Final.png
This is a magazine ad for the company Black Diamond. 
This is a magazine ad for the company Black Diamond
This is a poster that highlights the the issue of child hunger and food deserts across America.
mock up heinz final.jpg
These are three posters highlighting the 150th anniversary of Heinz ketchup using foods people put ketchup on.
This is a mockup of a rock climbing guidebook.
This is a logo for a music festival where all 5 senses are used to experience and enhance the listening experience.
This is a poster for a travel experience in Ecuador where you can visit and explore the oldest town in the country that has been preserved
This is a mock up of the same poster above.
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